Project Focus

Supporting the Department of State (DoS), Bureau of Overseas Building Operations(OBO) and the Office of Cultural Heritage (CH), Trewon provides management, transactional, and analytical services in order to ensure the smooth execution of financial and travel operations for these two entities.

OBO’s Management Support Division oversees the management and support of the travel program for the bureau. With more than 1200 travelers, this program processes over 5,000 mostly internationally- based travel actions monthly. Support for the program includes, but is not limited to, conducting technical reviews on travel documents (such as authorizations and vouchers) to ensure compliance with Bureau and Federal travel policies, regulations, and additional program requirements. The team uses their expertise with travel policy regulations to facilitate smooth transactions for OBO's travelers.

Proper stewardship of assets at culturally significant properties is complex. CH creates maintenance schedules for historic and culturally significant residences taking into account issues such as location, usage, scheduled events, materials, staffing and availability of expert and professional assistance. The complexity of these services requires a sophisticated management of budgets for maintenance, requests, and expenses incurred in operating and preserving the culturally significant properties.

Scope of Work

Drawing on authoritative sources, standardized business processes, and existing reporting tools, Trewon provides a full range of services that includes budget formulation and execution, financial management reporting and analysis, management, coordination, and implementation of travel and travel related systems. The following listing represents some of the support services Trewon provides.

  • Administer DoS’s travel management system
  • Review travel authorization and travel voucher documents
  • Track electronic travel documents
  • Provide technical writing support
  • Prepare scheduled and ad hoc reports and analysis
  • Consolidate and analyze Bureau travel data
  • Support database management
  • Support and staff travel/travel system help desk

Working as a committed partner with DoS, Trewon brings its workforce of information technology professions – computer engineers, systems analysts, trainers, and technical writers – to work together to design, develop, integrate, and leverage technology to achieve OBO’s objectives through a low risk value proposition and a team drawn from diverse backgrounds. Leveraging our IT expertise, we support OBO to achieve maximum operational efficiency through timely and accurate information processing in providing financial, travel, and system and support services.