Social and Criminal Justice Experts

The Trewon team brings a broad level of experience working with prominent organizations supporting social justice nationally and internationally.

Criminal Justice

Trewon conducts considerable work in this area from evaluation of social justice programs that advocates for reforms in sentencing, prison conditions, and mass incarceration to the development of a complex statistical data analysis protocol for a national tribal court survey for all 567 federally-recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.


With extensive experience working with programs along the U.S.-Mexico Border, Trewon is able to draw on its expertise in this unique region of the country and its bilingual staff to conduct a variety of work in this area.

Healing Justice

Trewon’s background of over 30 years of collective experience working with communities fractured by intergenerational trauma (e.g. Indigenous population), has informed our work in this area and enabled us to bring a heightened awareness to our evaluation work of a healing justice program.

For More Information

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