Data Collection

At the heart of our research and evaluation studies is the collection of clean, accurate, representative, and ethically obtained data.


Our statisticians have the knowledge and expertise to develop the best and most efficient sampling strategies for the project. Adept in a broad spectrum of sampling designs and the kinds of statistical analyses needed to execute the designs, they work to ensure the correct methods and techniques are used to represent the population, focus, and needs of the study.

Survey Development

Trewon’s team of accomplished quantitative researchers brings a broad level of experience to large and small survey development for online and in-person administration. We design and culturally adapt psychometric questionnaires to measure behavioral health and social indicators and develop complex community and national surveys that look at trends and outcome measures to assess program, training, or event effectiveness.

Focus Groups, Interviews, & Expert Panels

Trewon’s team offers a broad skillset in qualitative instrument design. In developing purposeful open-ended questions we draw on project objectives, key research questions, and background of the audience. These and other factors inform the interview matrix design and the questions and prompts that go into eliciting the nuanced responses important to this type of research.

On-Site Observations

Trewon’s social scientists have decades of experience conducting national and community-wide as well as program specific on-site studies. We provide critical data on dosage of activities, engagement of participants, and fidelity to program objectives.

Literature Reviews & Environmental Scans

Trewon provides detailed, researched literature reviews on health, education, and criminal justice issues that impact national policy as well as unique population. Our environmental scans help to delineate the reach of social marketing campaigns as well as to assess organizations’ media presence, impact, and branding.

Ethical Data Collection

Trewon believes in and supports participation and review of materials and procedures related to the ethical practices of data collection and handling of data. We participate and comply with Institutional Review Boards and all of our researchers have received human subjects training. We follow a rigorous set of procedures that include a detailed consenting process as well as a multi-step security process for the handling of confidential data.

For More Information

Please get in touch with us via our Contact page or give us a call at (703) 242-1378.