November 9, 2017

Trewon Wins as Sub Contractor on USAID Award for $68.2M Hybrid Cloud Services

Trewon partnered with CGI, to provide enterprise center and disaster recovery support to help reduce U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) data maintenance costs and to transition data centers to a hybrid cloud environment. The five-year contract will help combat the escalating costs associated with maintaining data centers while also supporting the agency’s transition to a hybrid cloud environment. Trewon’s Enterprise Architects and System Administrators will provide USAID with the ability to view the domain and analyze the impact of changes as it evolves to the latest strategies and technologies.
October 11, 2017

Trewon Wins New Contract to Support SPAWAR’s Business Intelligence Needs

Trewon Technologies, LLC is excited to begin its new contract with the Space and Naval Warfare) Systems Center Atlantic (SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic) to provide Business Intelligence (BI) support for its newly upgraded system. Through the development, acquisition, and lifecycle support of multiple integrated systems, information technology, and space capabilities, SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic provides critical knowledge to joint warfighters and peacekeepers. SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic is a component of the United States Navy supports the Department of Defense and the Global War on Terrorism. Our skilled staff will draw on their expertise in sizing, installation, and configuration of SAP Business Objects (BOs) and experience in integrating SAP BOs BI Platform and Data Services and associated desktop applications to provide support, recommendations, and monitoring tools for the new system. Our support includes assisting with the integration of an existing system to a new one, providing recommendations on the systems architecture to enhance and ensure best performance and planned growth of users and data, and supporting processes and establishing monitoring tools that enable safe, efficient, and effective running of the system. Trewon looks forward to collaborating with SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic in support of its vital work.